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Profile of Bart Simpson

Marge SimpsonBart (a.k.a 'El Barto') is the eldest child of Homer and Marge Simpson. He attends Springfield Elementary school where he is in the fourth grade - or more often, Principal Skinner's office.

Infamous for being Springfield's "UnderAchiever," Bart always find himself immersed in trouble. Ever since the first day of kindergarten, Bart has had difficulties in school. Homework and studying are not a priority for him; however, Bart is clearly intelligent. Despite being frequently caught, Bart's antics are rather clever. A few of his more common 'hobbies' include prank calling Moe's Tavern, throwing cherry bombs in the school toilets, vandalising the community with graffiti, teasing the school's 'uncool' students (including his sister, Lisa) and skateboarding recklessly.

Bart has accomplished some impressive feats. Tired of being bullied by the school bully, Nelson, Bart organized and successfully fought a war against him. When SideShow Bob turned against Krusty the Klown, Bart and Lisa revealed Bob's evil ways and managed to send him to prison. Bart has also appeared on his idol, Krusty the Klown's television show as the "I Didn't Do It Boy." Bart has made a few discoveries including a comet that almost destroyed Springfield and a three-eyed fish named "Blinky." Other activities Bart enjoys include hanging out with his friend Milhouse, shopping at the comic book store, hanging out in his treehouse or watching the "Itchy and Scratchy" show.

Bart's Vital Stats

Name: Bart Simpson
Age: 10 years old
Occupation: Grade 4 student
Family: Parents are Homer and Marge; has two sisters: Lisa and Maggie.
Pets: Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II
Best friend: Milhouse Van Houten
Hobbies: Skateboarding, collecting Radio Active Man comics, prank calls, graffitti, watching Krusty and the Itchy & Scratchy Show.
Pet Peeves: School, homework, Martin Prince, Nelson Muntz, nerds
Favourite Sayings: "Aye Carumba!", "Don't Have a Cow Man!", "I Didn't Do It"