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The Simpsons "AkBar" Font

This is the Simpsons font you see on most sites these days. This font gives you the ability to print characters such as @!#$

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Simpsons Cursors

These cursors feature a number of different characters including Homer and Barney. Some of the cursors are animated!

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Simpsons Icons

There are 374 different icons featuring not only the Simpsons, but all the other characters on the show.

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Simpsons ScreenSaver

This is a Simpsons screensaver where all the Simpsons characters' heads float around the screen.

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Simpsons Random Quote Generator

This nifty little program is a random quote generator for the Simpsons. It has about 465 classic Simpsons lines!

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The Simpsons Play Othello

Simpsons Othello is a game where there are two teams that play against each other.

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