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Profile of Lisa Simpson

Marge SimpsonLisa Simpson is the middle child in the Simpsons family and is without a doubt, the most ethical and intelligent member of her family. Lisa is in the second grade at Springfield elementary school where she excels in all subject areas. A truly gifted child, Lisa not only receives the top grades but is also a talented saxophone player. Her mentor is the now deceased "Bleeding Gums Murphy" whom she had met and jammed with on several occasions.

Lisa is the "perfect child" and that often creates many problems for her. Big brother Bart constantly teases her for getting top grades, Homer can't understand why Lisa is a vegetarian, the kids at school think she's a nerdy "brainiac" and Marge is always telling her to smile despite her sadness.

Yet despite all of these obstacles and the lack of attention she receives, Lisa is a great success. Some of her accomplishments have included winning the regional Reader's Digest essay contest, coming in as runner-up in the Miss Springfield Pagent (later served brief stint as the winner, but was de-crowned), invented the doll "Lisa Lionheart", helped Mr. Burns recover from bankruptcy and was the first female to pass the second grade at Rommelwood Military Academy.

Bart's Vital Stats

Name: Lisa Simpson
Age: 8 years old
Occupation: Grade 2 student
Family: Parents are Homer and Marge; has one brother (Bart) and one sister (Maggie).
Hobbies:Listening to jazz music, playing the sax, watching Itchy & Scratchy, studying, reading Mentor: Bleeding Gums Murphy
Pet Peeves: Bart and his antics, cruelty to animals, meat
Favourite Sayings:"If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room", "Bart!!!!!!!!!", "Bart, you are a dimwit", "Cut it out Bart!"