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Profile of Maggie Simpson

Maggie SimpsonMaggie is the youngest child in the Simpsons family. She is one years old and spends most of her time sucking on her red pacifier and watching television. Maggie's first word was "Daddy" and has had little else to say since then.

While Maggie's life seems to be pretty dull, she has had some pretty exciting adventures. When the Simpsons kids were left with the "Babysitter Bandit" she saved the day by untying Bart and Lisa. Maggie also led an escape when she and several of her friends were trapped in a baby school. But Maggie is best known for shooting power plant owner, C. Montgomery Burns, when he tried to take candy from her.

Maggie is very intelligent for her age, in fact she could be considered a genius. She spelled her name using an Etch A Sketch, she spelled out "E=MC sq" with toy blocks and even found her way around Springfield on her own.


Maggie's Vital Stats

Name: Maggie (Margaret) Simpson
Age: 1 year old
Family: Parents are Homer and Marge; has one brother (Bart) and one sister (Lisa).
Hobbies: Pacifier-sucking, watching television
Favourite Objects: Television set, red pacifier, power drill
Favourite TV Shows: Happy Little Elves, Itchy & Scratchy
First Word: Daddy